How can we help make scheduling referees and umpires easy?

HorizonWebRef is built by fellow active referees, umpires & schedulers. We have numerous tools that are dedicated to the referee and umpire world to meet the daily challenges faced by officiating managers, assignors and schedulers worldwide and in a variety of different sports environments.

Calendar Integration

Our system integrates & synchronizes with numerous external calendar programs so you can keep your assignments visible wherever you go. Game assignments can automatically populate to your your phone's calendar, work calendar, family calendar and more.

Automatic Notifications

Our system reminders & notifications will ensure that referees and umpires won't forget about a game assignment or miss a game change as well as making sure that schedulers and assignors don't forget to fill a game.

Video & Document Sharing

Need to share documents, memos and videos with your group? We've got you covered with libraries to share your content and ensure your referees and umpires stay up to date on the latest directives from your officiating managers.

Availability Tracking

In order to fill your game assignments, you'll need to know when your officials are available to work. Our intuitive availability calendar makes it easy for officials to keep their availability up to date so you can stop chasing after them to get that information.

Payroll Management

Run payroll reports and billing invoices to keep your cash flow organized. US based organizations can also issue direct deposit ACH payments directly from the system to get your officials paid quickly and easily (ACH fees extra).

Free Mobile Apps

Most referees and umpires these days use their phone to access and read their game schedules. Our system has free native mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad to ensure officials and schedulers can get access to critical information quickly while on the go!

Access from any Modern Device

Accessing the system using your modern devices is critical, which is why we have tools available for any modern web-enabled device with a web browser.
You can access the system from Windows or Mac, iPhone or Android, or even a tablet like an iPad!


Features you'll love

HorizonWebRef has advanced features to make scheduling and managing referee and umpire schedules easy. We also have tools available to help with referee and umpire development, evaluations, messaging and other communication that we think you'll love.

Essential Scheduling Tools

We have all the basic scheduling tools that most officiating organizations need like:

Game Schedule Management

Availability Calendar

Automated Reminder Notifications

Manual or Automatic Assigning Tools

Document & Video Sharing

Contacts & Messaging

Payroll Reports

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Advanced Features for Efficiency

We also provide more detailed and advanced features to further streamline the scheduling process for your games, referees, umpires, timekeepers and more!

Spreadsheet Schedule Imports

ACH Direct Deposit Referee Payments (extra fees)

Supervisor Evaluation Forms

Automatic Mileage Calculations

Game & Ejection Report Forms

Scheduling Qualification & Eligibility Rules

Access for Team Coaches to their Schedules

Travel Itineraries for Hotels, Flights & Rental Cars

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Mobile Ready Scheduling

Get access to all the essential features using your mobile device:

Free Android, iPhone, iPad Apps

Mobile Reminders & Notifications

Calendar Integrations & Synchronizing

Mobile Scheduling

Contacts & Messaging

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